3 dog roof

So I haven't written in a while and I guess my only defense is that not only was I busy and travelling alot. Since my last blog, which shouldn't even count, I have spent weekends in NY, Vegas, Roatan, and DC. NY was NY, you can steel feel the energy when you step off the sidewalk. Vegas was Vegas. I lost a lot, but I had an excellent opportunity to win big on computer roulette at the Imperial Palace with a dealertainer who looked like Zsa Zsa Gabor. All weekend I had been playing 3 and 7 because those dates represent my birthday. Zsa Zsa walked over at one point and looked at my little electronic board and saw I was playing 3 and 7, and asked me where I was from. I represented the home town and said, "Michigan." Then she walked away. Then I thought it was stupid playing numbers and increased the amount of money I had on my even bet. The little ball bounces around and she says, "3. Congratulations Michigan." But of course I had moved my money. So I was a little annoyed, and I put money back on 7 because obviously 3 wouldn't hit again. The little ball rolls and, you guessed it, Zsa Zsa says into the mike, "3 again. Congratulations Michigan." I cashed out and went to the airport. It was brutal.

I caught the redeye back and went right to work, which was horrible except for the fact I knew I was heading out to Roatan the following week. Roatan is a little island off Honduras with some great diving and sunsets that look like the picture you see. I went to visit my parents, and even though they profess to love me, they wouldn't buy me a condo. They are still there, but they are going into a home soon enough. Anyway, that week was very relaxing. I snorkled, scuba dove, swam, sat on the beach and finished a few books. I also drank rum and cokes and relaxed. My shoulders are still in shock from the stress of being back, and I don't even work hard at my job. Such as it is. I ran a few times in Roatan and there isn't a flat area on the island. The best run was out of the little town straight up hill to 3 dog roof, which is a house at a crossroads with 3 dogs on the roof. The dogs bark at anyone who passes whether they are walking or on bike. That was before. This time, there were 2 dogs chained outside the house on the grass that barked at everything and even a peacock that was chained up. Even the peacocked honked at me, or peacocked at me, or whatever those birds do. It was great. We stayed in west end and the sunsets are amazing, you can swim to coral, and I saw beautiful fish, a morey eel, and a lobster walking around on some coral. I also saw a giant parrot fish which is one of the most beautiful things to see. Swimming around enough you can really see how different fish blend into different areas, such as the coral, or the sea grass, or the sandy bottom. The electricity went out for about 6 hours/day because a lot of people in Honduras don't pay their electric bill. Even the government owed something like $27 million, so the president took over the electric company. We'll see, I'm not hopeful he can really fix it.

Last weekend I was in DC and realized I'm not doing anything interesting with my life. It was great to see people, but depressing in it's own way. Regardless, it's nice to see good people doing good things. One of the crazier members of the group couldn't make it, rumor was he fled to Alaska to get away from his girlfriend and any number of affairs and a strange outbreak of chlamydia. Everyone in peace corps isn't a world changer for the better.

This was just a quick post to update you on what's going on in my life. I'll probably get back to more topical thoughts fairly soon.